Düşük Profilli İzole Dijital I/O Kart LPCI-IIRO-8

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  • The LPCI-IIRO-8 is a half-size Low-Profile PCI bus compatible card that provides isolated digital input and output interface for PCI-Bus computers. The card has eight optically-isolated digital inputs for AC or DC control signals and eight electromechanical relay outputs. LPCI-IIRO-8 occupies four consecutive 8-bit registers in I/O space.


    The LPCI-IIRO-8 provides eight optically-isolated inputs. These inputs can accept either AC or DC signals and are not polarity sensitive. Input signals are rectified by photocoupler diodes while unused power gets dissipated thru a 1.8k-ohm resistor in series. The inputs may be driven by either DC sources of 3 to 31 volts (rms) or AC sources at frequencies of 40 Hz to 10 KHz. Standard 12/24 AC control transformer outputs can be accepted as well. External resistors connected in series may be used to extend the input voltage range, however this will raise the input threshold range. Consult with factory for available modified input ranges.

    Each input circuit contains a switchable filter that has a 4.7 millisecond time constant. (Without filtering, the response is less then 40 microseconds) The filter must be selected for AC inputs in order to eliminate the on/off response to AC. The filter is also valuable for use with slow DC input signals in a noisy environment. The filter may be switched out for DC inputs in order to obtain faster response. Filters are individually selected by jumpers. The filters are switched into the circuit when the jumpers are installed in position FLT0 to FLT15.


    The board's outputs are comprised of eight FORM C SPDT electro mechanical relays. These relays are all de-energized at power-on.

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